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James Hannan

Can you imagine this, we went from not being able to afford to put shoes on our daughters feet to now traveling the world and living the life of our dreams. This photo was taken on our recent trip to Cambodia, we were able to visit so many incredible places and see the Glory of God is all of them. His light continues to shine. The information you are about to receive dramatically changed our lives, our business is personally responsible for nourishing thousands of children every single month and we get the honour of teaching other Christians how to do the same.

Naomi Joy

We were struggling to make ends meet so I knew that I needed a serious change in my life. I wanted to be able to contribute to the family finances and stay at home to look after our children. Since getting started our life has completely changed.

This Christian Ecourse has shown me how to build an international business from home. I am now making an amazing income working from the comfort of my own home around my family, having freedom to work my own hours and create an amazing lifestyle. I have been able to travel the world through my business - Tahiti, Mauritius, China, Borneo, Vietnam, South Pacific Cruise, USA (including New York, Dallas and Hawaii), Mexico plus many amazing experiences in a short period of time. My business now is responsible for nourishing 600 children every day and that gives me great purpose!

This course is where it all began for me and I highly recommend it if you are ready to change your life!


Sandra & Rick Spence

Who would have thought a stay at home granny would do anything like this. We know prayer works but we also knew that we needed action behind our prayer for more money. We needed a way for Rick to stop working night shift and we are definitely on our way.

Within 6 months it all started to change. We were making money and earning 5 Star all expenses paid holidays.

So far we have received holidays to Adelaide, Gold Coast, China & Tahiti and that’s just the beginning.

Rick and I have started to live the dream and we recommend everyone to grab this course and find out more!

Racquel Courtney

Can you imagine having 3 car accidents, none of them your fault and each of them causing head trauma? Well that was me. Getting to and from work became the scariest part of my day.

I worked for one of the major banks in an executive position earning a large income however due to the stress of driving, constant headaches and my inability to fullfill that role anymore, I needed to find something that would give me the skills to work from home.

This course and the training I have received have allowed me to build an international business. I feel more free and I don't have to fight insane traffic. But the best thing is, I am home with my daughters and I don't have to worry will the next time I am in a car accident be my last.

I recommend this course to anyone, it changed my life, it will change yours.

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